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Automated AI-driven revenue optimization for digital subscriptions.

Our AI Decision Agents drive customer acquisition and revenue growth from your website, without the need for human intervention.

Easily Integrate Our Service Into Your Project - AI X+ Webflow Template
Why us?

Swiftly deployed and seamlessly integrated

AI Decision Agent from Sub(x) automatically delivers fully orchestrated and highly effective digital customer journeys and marketing campaigns customised to your brand’s specific needs.


We make the need for A/B testing obsolete

Painstaking, manual campaign creation becomes a thing of the past. Next best offers and next best actions are served up automatically, accurately, and with unrivalled effectiveness.

Text Classification - AI X+ Webflow Template

Behaviour modelling

Sentiment Analisys - AI X+ Webflow Template

Visitor engagement

Trained on billions of visitor interactions we have built a unique blend of AI skill and unrivalled domain expertise.

Language Processing - AI X+ Webflow Template

Customer states

We instantly capture and model important states like how wide or narrow a visitors focus is over time with your website.

Campaign deployment

Automate Annotation - AI X+ Webflow Template

Integrated design

No-code, drag and drop design makes it incredibly easy for your marketing team to create and edit marketing campaigns for your website.

Smart Labels - AI X+ Webflow Template

Simple activation

Fully integrated with our AI Decision Agent, campaigns automatically begin optimsation soon after they are activated.

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How it works

Meet our process

Increase revenue. Shorten time to value. Decrease team effort.

Meet Our Process - AI X+ Webflow Template
Meet Our Process - AI X+ Webflow Template
Meet Our Process - AI X+ Webflow Template
Upload Your Data - AI X+ Webflow Template

1. Automated data

Deploy our code in under and hour and we'll begin capturing data from your website. We then go to work in the background making sense of the signals.

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2. Brand centric

Working directly with your first-party data, our highly specialised AI Decision Agent intelligently enhances and optimises for your brand’s specific visitor footprint across your website.

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3. Transparent results

No black box here. Get detailed, easily explainable insights on the improved outcomes you’ll achieve so you can know, show, and prove what’s working with total transparency.

The easiest way to power up your business with AI

Sub(x) is purpose built for digital subscription businesses so you can delegate with confidence the responsibility of solving your complex customer acqusition and revenue challenges to a best-of-breed tool that makes the right decisions, at the right time, at scale, on your behalf.

More features

All you need to launch Autonomous AI Agents with your plan

Works In Mobile - AI X+ Webflow Template
Works On Mobile - AI X+ Webflow Template

Automate your data

Amplify the value of the first party data you already own in your business. Sub(x) uses and enhances your Agent models with this data automatically.

Integrate With More Apps - AI X+ Webflow Template
Integrated with More Apps - AI X+ Webflow Template

Integration delivering value

Sub(x) sits on top of your tech stack, pushing more leads to your email service provider, registering more visitors to your identify solution and driving more revenue through your checkout.

Automated Reports - AI X+ Webflow Template
Automated Reports - AI X+ Webflow Template

Reporting to drive outcomes

Get detailed and complex data in easily explainable insights so you can understand more, speed up product development and streamline next actions and roadmaps.

Real-time Analytics - AI X+ Webflow Template
Real-time Collaboration - AI X+ Webflow Template

An enterprise level team

A global team with deep domain knowledge and implementation experience will ensure you maximise your new AI driven approach without the complexity and time ususally associated with AI projects.

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Audience signals

AI Agents find the patterns, act on them and improve

By transforming complex data into intelligent customer pathways, it offers unparalleled precision in targeting. Beyond mere automation, Sub(x) delivers strategic revenue growth while ensuring brand-specific customisation.

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Messenger - AI X+ Webflow Template
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