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sub(x) makes using AI based Machine Learning for customer acquisition a reality for any size of business.

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How it works

What makes us different is our Universal Machine Learning Model.
Our advanced approach focuses on transforming existing user journeys and marketing interactions into a reusable data format that can be applied, and quickly adapted, to deliver AI-based customer acquisition at a fraction of the time and cost of doing it in-house.
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    We do an audit of your website and payment journey to understand all the marketing assets you currently use, from price offers to lead capture. This includes making suggestions of what else you can do.

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    We replace and enhance these marketing assets, instantly transforming every user interaction into a common data format that makes it possible to analyse and optimise.

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    Once we transform your data our existing model is used to make complex decisions and create custom AI-driven interactions and journey sequences that adaptively improve their performance over time.

    Explore Machine Learning
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Using multiple marketing tools creates challenges for transforming data into a standard, usable format. Replacing everything means you benefit from AI-based decisions right from the start.
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By understanding every customer interaction we eliminate needless complexity making it quick and easy to leverage our standardised and company agnostic Universal Machine Learning Model.
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Because we capture the scope of everything that happens to your customers, our Machine Learning functionality helps create the best possible outcome for every visitor in the shortest possible time.

We go beyond simple data dashboards

By processing vast amounts of data our purpose-built, explainable and reliable machine-learning framework is able to extract subtle otherwise hidden signals, unlocking new customer acquisition opportunities that create value for your business.

Smart Segmentation

Our universal model can easily segment possible customers using a much wider variety of data.


Intelligent Engagement

Selecting the next best action or offer for each customer is an ideal use case for Machine Learning.


Hyper Attribution

Our model uses complex data to determine exactly what variables generate the best outcomes.


Real-time Predictions

ML-assisted forecasting can deliver up-to-the minute data for accurate predictions.

Three core features to accelerate AI-based customer acquisition

Where design meets data

Underpinned by our universal data structure that learns about everything you create, our single design canvas is used for every personalised marketing action, from price offers to lead capture and abandon basket prompts.

Focusing marketing efforts

Our Machine Learning model will select the right marketing asset type, in the right sequence to show to the right person, at the right time. This includes selecting animation, position and size, leaving you free to focus on the right messaging for each audience segment.

Machine Learning as a service

Our carefully designed approach means you can implement a Machine Learning strategy without the need for significant web resources and execute at a fraction of the cost of hiring a data scientist and engineer.


“sub(x) is a key strategic partner for CDS”

Since we partnered with sub(x) the team has continued to innovate and re-define how the customer acquisition works.

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Mark Judd,
MD, CDS Global UK
Launching v1.0 in

Relentless innovation

Explore innovative strategies and reduce operational and technical overhead by making deploying product, answering data questions, and optimising ROI quick and easy.

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Powered by the same universal model our super-fast CDN with integrated payment processing can help you accelerate your strategy.
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Managed membership
A new type of membership environment that sits on top of your site targets the right audiences identities based on complex site interactions.

sub(x) goes beneath your data

We don't just show whether one feature or channel "converts" better than another. We check for relevance, reliability, and correlation so you can be confident in AI-based data-driven decisions.


A data driven approach scales easily to your entire customer base — no more missing or incomplete data, simply scale, refresh and automate.

First party

Focusing on your first-party data to serve relevant experiences and form more transparent relationships reduces reliance on third-party data.


Only specific characteristics that relate to your offering and brand will reflect in nuanced customer behaviour with corresponding signal strengths.

Machine driven

Usable in many other machine learning problems like clustering, predictions and recommendation systems across you business.

Enhance your integrations.

Because sub(x) sits on top of the nuts and bolts like email sending, billing, invoicing, and subscription management, reporting and fulfillment systems we can improve the data these services utilise to improve every part of your business.
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